Use your Pre-sermon Prayer to Aid Sermon Application


On ninety-nine out of a hundred Sunday’s I will say a prayer right before I read the preaching portion aloud with our faith-family and right before I preach. (The only time I wouldn’t pray right before preaching is when someone else prayed or we sang an appropriate pre-preaching prayer)

A few weeks ago it came to me that I should ask our Lord to help in the application that we’re about to cover in the teaching time. So, in anticipation of preaching Galatians 5:24-26 I prayed something like: “Father, help us crucify our flesh during this teaching time and afterwards…”

I’m not sure how you word your prayers for the congregation prior to preaching. Maybe you’ve experienced thinking about sermon application when you prayed after the sermon was over (“Father, please help us apply this Scripture to our lives, [because, either you ran out of time, or didn’t think through a specific application?]”). Try wording your pre-sermon prayer in such a way that you aid sermon application. The possible benefits?

  1. God may answer our prayer and prepare us all for a proper response to the particular revelation contained in the preaching portion.
  2. Our congregants hear early on how the preaching portion applies and may be more ready to respond when application proper is being communicated later in the sermon.

I’m curious as to whether or not you word your pre-sermon prayers in conjunction with the sermon application.

Preach well for the sake of His reputation in the Church and in the world.


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Your thoughts?